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Community Guidelines

At CirclesU, our goal is to connect and build meaningful communities. These community Guidelines support this mission by encouraging caring and thoughtful content-sharing contexts. These Guidelines apply to all content on CirclesU. 

Sexually Explicit Content

  • We prohibit accounts that promote or distribute nudity and pornographic content.

Harassment & Bullying

  • We have zero tolerance for bullying or harassment of any kind. 

  • Do not share content with the intent of harming others. 

  • Don’t share content of others — like a bathroom, locker room or a medical facility — without their knowledge and consent.

Threats, Violence & Harm

  • Never threaten to harm a person, a group of people, or someone’s property. Encouraging violence is prohibited on CirclesU.

  • Do not post content of gratuitous violence, including animal abuse.

  • We don’t allow the glorification of self-harm, including the promotion of self-injury or eating disorders.

Impersonation & Spam

  • Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not — this includes your friends, celebrities, brands, or other organizations — or attempt to deceive people about who you are. 

  • We prohibit spam and deceptive practices.

Illegal Content

  • Don’t use CirclesU  for any illegal activities — including to buy or sell illegal drugs, contraband, counterfeit goods, or illegal weapons.


  • Terrorist organizations are prohibited from using our platform and we have no tolerance for content that advocates or advances terrorism.

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